My "username" is not being accepted.


   Make sure to use exactly 6 characters, and any

   character must be upper or lower-case A to Z, or 0 to



My "password" is not being accepted.


   It is easy to mix up a o for a 0 and so on.  Try to

   cut-and-paste the password into the box instead

   of typing.


How do I enable cookies?


   In the IE browser menu, go to “Tools” and click

   Internet Options->Privacy->Advanced, then do the


-    Tick the checkbox “Override automatic cookie


-    Tick the checkbox “Always allow session cookies”

-    Under “First-party cookies” select “Accept”

-    Under “Third-party cookies” select “Accept”

-    Click the “OK” button, then try again


The program is not running.


   The following are possible reasons for this:

1.    Your browser’s security settings are blocking the

download.  Adjust the settings to – allow

ActiveX plug-ins to run, and allow pop-ups.  If the

Problem persists, try to relax other parts of your

security settings.

   2.  An ISP server is down.  This will be beyond our

       control but since many sites will be affected the

       downtime should be small.

   3.  Your "temp internet files" memory is full.  Use

       your browser to clear the memory.

   4.  A slow connection can make it seem that the

       program is not downloading; check that the

       bandwidth is what you expect - you may need to

       reboot your router or your ISP's POP may be

       having difficulty.

   5.  Our server is down.  This is very rare.  Check

again soon.


When I login the browser says to try again in a few minutes.


   Too many users are hitting the server at the same

   time.  This should be a very rare occurrence but if not,

   check the "IDEAS News" to see if there was a server



The program screen is too small.


   In your screen settings, reduce the resolution of your

   screen to SVGA (800x600) or even larger, VGA