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Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago's first and only Distance Education web site - IDEAS - The Virtual Corporate Training Center and Educational Institute of the Caribbean.

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For secondary school education we are offering study aids for the CXC MATH exam via a Windows computer program called CXC Math Term1. The features of this product include:

  • 12 chapters on 108 pages,
  • interactive multiple-choice questions,
  • a hypertext glossary of key terms,
  • interactive plotting of equations,
  • a timed term test with report card analysing the student's performance and giving suggestions.

What does CXC Maths Term 1 do? This product covers a significant portion of the syllabus (about 40 percent) and is the first of a three-part CXC math series which covers the entire syllabus. The other two parts are currently under development. Click here, "Clips from CXC Math Term 1" for excerpts from CXC Math Term 1.

Who wrote CXC Maths Term 1? It was written by Dr. Richard P. Clarke. He is a professional research and design structural engineer and routinely applies maths and computer science towards understanding or developing new materials, structures, or precedures, and in solving industrial problems. He also has several years experience as a personal CXC Math tutor and from his students has come to an understanding of their critical weak points. These he tries to address in the computer program.

How do you get CXC Math Term 1? You can order by e-mail clarke@wow.net.tt , or by telephone, (868) 642 0459.

What's the cost? Monthly rent is TT$120 (or US$20), and purchase is TT$1500 (or US$240).

What updates and related events are planned? The completion of CXC Maths Term 2 and 3; the publishing of more timed exams that you can download from the web, and whatever you think we should develop or improve on - e-mail us your suggestions.

IDEAS is seeking corporate sponsors for the development of CXC products (subjects or exam-styled solutions). E-mail us at clarke@wow.net or call us at 642 0459.




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