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Welcome to the Caribbean's Distance Education Web Site.

Our business is about the development of educational software tailored primarily to the needs of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Free CXC Maths 1 Demo software (2.8M)

Purchase CXC Maths 1

The products can be used either over the internet, over a LAN or WAN, or standalone. Each product is designed for interactivity which together with graphics technology optimizes the learning process.

Our product lines are intended to eventually be components of a total educational experience with special emphasis on the requirements of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) O'Level and A'Level exams for general Caribbean secondary school requirements. We are also developing products for the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Education Assessment (SEA) exams.

Our first available product is Math Term 1. To download (10 mins) a free demo copy please click above and follow the instructions. The system requirements are - Windows 3.x/95/98; a PC compatible above Intel 386, and VGA or SVGA.

The full version of the package has the following features: 12 chapters on 108 pages, interactive multiple-choice questions, a hypertext glossary of key terms, interactive plotting of equations, a timed term test with report card analyzing the student's performance and giving suggestions.

Math Term 1 can soon be purchased via secure credit card processing and delivered to you over the internet.

If you are a teacher/lecturer and wish to learn how to produce your own software; if you require the development of computer-based corporate training or university courses, or if you require additional information, please contact us.