To lease the CXC Math 1 package on a monthly basis there are 2 options - (1) Purchase of a ticket, and (2) Purchase of the program (time limited).


1)    Purchase of a Ticket -

A ticket can be purchased at leading bookstores throughout Trinidad and Tobago at a cost of TT$70.00.  The ticket has a password that is valid for 30 days.  To access the CXC Math 1 package you go to the website and enter your “username” and the “password” at the “Student Login” area.  After the 30 days, access is denied but you simply repeat the process by purchasing another ticket.  Use the FAQs link if any problem is encountered.


2)    Purchase of The Program (time limited) -

If you prefer to use a credit card, you can download the program and install it on your PC as you would for any other Windows program.  The program is downloaded from our e-commerce partner’s website and the cost is US$10.00.  The program stops working after 30 days but you simply repeat the process to get another month.  You do not need to download all the files each time, only the main ones in the zip file at the website.


Click on this line and follow the instructions to purchase your 30-day lease of the program.