Project Description:-



The site is located at 269 Western Main Road and the External Works represents the first phase of the overall works which is the creation of a medical center via modification of an existing factory building.

Site Description:

The site is approximately rectangular and is bounded on the north by the Western Main Road, on the South by the sea, on the east by Polymer Ltd., and on the west by a residential property.

Summary of Scope of Work:

a. The re-construction of the existing main north-south drain on the western edge of the property to a box drain with concrete block walls, concrete base and cover slab with steel grills. The drain is uncovered for the latter one-third of its length.

b. The re-alignment and upgrading of an existing earthen north-south drain on the eastern edge of the property. The drain is to be lined with concrete.

c. The construction of a concrete block wall along the east drain.

d. The construction of three transverse box drains with pre-cast concrete covers.

e. The construction of a sea wall comprising a gabion basket base and a concrete block stem, and boulders as the breakwater.


Contractor: Double H Construction Ltd, Freeport Main Road, Freeport.


Contract Duration: April 4 2001 to June 4 2001.


Risk Factors:

a. The start of the rainy season.

b. Erroneous design assumptions concerning the catchment area and tidal effects.

c. Sub-surface obstructions.