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Use our CXC MATH SELF TEST program any number of times over the internet for 30 days at US$5 (plus a small sales tax).  This requires a credit card.  You receive a password (registration key) that you use each time to login and use the program.


The first thing you do is download and install the “Neuron” plug-in which enables our programs to run in your browser.  But you only have to do this once, as your browser will then always be able to run our programs in future.  Click on the button below to download.




To use the program it is essential that you enable cookies in your browser.  If not, the program will not work.  Also, the password will only allow access to the computer the program first ran on. 


For further details and payment info, please click on the next line:


CXC MATH SELF TEST (monthly; credit card)


Our product lines are intended to eventually be components of a total educational experience with special emphasis on the requirements of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) O'Level and A'Level exams for general Caribbean secondary school requirements. We are also developing products for the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Education Assessment (SEA) exams.