Hurricanes Earthquakes and Houses in the Caribbean


An Information Kiosk from the University of the West Indies, Department of Civil Engineering, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad.

Featuring animated simulations of the effects of hurricanes and earthquakes on Caribbean houses.  These are Windows programs that you download and run on your PC.  After downloading the zip file,  run the TBRUNTIME110 which installs the files.  Then double-click on the HURRI file for the hurricanes information, or the EARTHQ file for the earthquakes information.

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Dominican Republic. Hurricane Georges 1998. Photo credit: EERI.

Hurricanes in the Caribbean region are of increasing regularity and cause death and millions of dollars in destruction.

An effective means of disaster mitigation is by education and increased awareness programmes.

Hurricane Maria: A Harbinger of Imperative Changes to Caribbean Structural Design and Construction

A Sustainable Affordable Hurricane and/or Earthquake Resistant House

UWI Earthquake Retrofitting Manual for Houses

Download ENGLTHA - Educational software for Earthquake Nonlinear and General Linear Dynamics Computations

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California, U.S.A. Coalinga earthquake 1983. Photo credit: USGS.

Devastating earthquakes have occurred in the Caribbean in the past and can cause even more death and destruction than hurricanes.