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Find links to UWI Civil Engineering Course Notes on this page

Undergraduate Year 1:-
Civil Engineering Design I (CE12C):

Materials Evaluation and Selection

Health and Safety Issues

Safety Checklists

Mechanics of Solids (CVNG 1000/CE10A):-

Course Notes - Topics 1 to 4

Course Notes - Topics 5 to 8

Course Notes - Topics 9 to 11


Practice Problems

Undergraduate Year 2:-
Structural Design (CE225):

Masonry Design

Masonry Seismic Shear Wall Design

Undergraduate Year 3:-

Structural Analysis (CVNG 3002):-

Circular Plates

Design Project (CE335):

STAAD Basics

Preliminary Structural Design

Structural Design II (CE31D):

Seismic Loads

Earthquake Resistant Design

Example - RC Building to IBC 2000 (from Seismic Design Handbook 2nd ed, ed. F. Naeim)

Example - RC Wall Pier to IBC 2000 (from Handbook of Structural Provisions of the IBC 2000 by S.K. Ghosh)

Example - Reinforced Masonry Building to UBC 97 (from Seismic Design Manual Vol. 2 by ICBO/SEAOC)

Example - Reinforced Masonry Shear Wall to UBC 97 (from Seismic Design Handbook, 2ed, ed. F. Naeim)

Example - Ordinary steel braced frame building to UBC 97 (from Seismic Design Manual Vol.3 by ICBO/SEAOC)

Structural Engineering (CE31B):

Structural Dynamics

Seismic Loads II

Plastic Collapse Method

Yield Line Analysis

Design of Environmental Systems (CE31F):

Design of Environmental Systems